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Maranatha Recreation Camp | Sunshine Coast | Tropical Bushland | Nature Conservation




High Ropes (Grade 8 to 12)    

Our most challenging and rewarding activity! Treetop adventure courses set 10-15 metres above the ground. 

Participants take a big step out of their comfort zones and practice problem solving while learning how to manage their fear. Plenty of support is provided from the instructors and team mates and getting through the high ropes is often a transformative experience and a significant sense of accomplishment. 


Mid Ropes  (Grade 5 to 8)    


Another treetop course, the Mid Ropes is available at our Yandina Centre.  At an average of seven metres high, our Mid ropes course is perfect for participants aged 10 and up.

The course has recently been expanded with two extra sections, allowing participants to ease into the course and height. Individuals proceed through the exciting course elements, wobbling bridges and tightropes continuously. The final element of the course is a thrilling jump from the Flying Fox.

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Ringtail Ropes (Grade 4 to 6)    

The Jungle Ropes course is ideal for first time and younger participants. Also named Ringtail Ropes at our Boulder Centre, this activity features challenges that focus on being fun while still providing a thrill!


Giant Swing

Maranatha's latest addition. Student's are pulled 13  metres in the air by their peers and then pull a rip cord to go for a thrilling swing! One of our more daring activities, the Giant Swing pushes participants out of their comfort zones and requires full team participation.


Leap of Faith


A classic outdoor ed activity, Leap of Faith tests a student's nerves as well as their self-belief. Participants scale a 7m ladder and then take a leap into the void - like a miniature bungee jump! With the option to challenge themselves further by leaping for a buoy, Leap of Faith is a dynamic activity suitable for a wide range of students. 


Tower of Tremble 


The Tower of Tremble is all about team effort to build as high as you can.

Two climbers are supported on belay by their team members to build a trembling tower of creates. Working together the team passes up crates to the climbers who are building the tower.



Everyone loves archery! Strong light recurve fiberglass bows and aluminium blunt point arrows make it easy for young archers to practice outdoor archery. Learn to hold the equipment, draw, focus and aim for the target. Who can get a bulls-eye?


Pool Sports  


A popular Summer choice!  Splash about in our 25M Saltwater Pool and enjoy a range of fun activities run by our instructors. 


Raft Building 


This is a team activity in building your own 'river worthy' raft.

A great activity for a group to work together planning, designing, communication and constructing a raft from scratch. Grab some pontoon floats, ropes and planks and build a 'river worthy' raft to race against the other teams. What better setting than our beautiful and private stretch of Maroochy River.

Rocket Ball  


The giant rocket ball sling-shots are permanently fixed into the ground.

Aim the balls at the targets and try to beat the other team. This is fun for all ages.

Bush Craft 

Learn about local environment, native animals, trees and stories.

Build a bush shelter, light a campfire, boil a billy for bush tea and make delicious damper with syrup. Perfect setting to hear some local legend stories and enjoy the fire scenery.

Group Initiatives  

These games are designed to encourage team work, cooperation and pro-active participation.

Participants will implement negotiation skills, time management, effective communication and leadership skills.

This is a fun and productive activity resulting in a positive team spirit, encouragement and trust.

Challenge Trail 


Challenge Trail is about leadership, discovery and appreciation of the natural environment.

The trail winds through the forest amongst hanging foliage, logs and rocky sections. The group works as a team to finish the course blindfolded. This requires excellent communication skills and participants rely on senses other than sight.

Bridge Building  


This is an engaging activity and draws on the lost art of knot tying.

The bridge building teams learn square and diagonal lashing and how to tension ropes and follow a briefing on how to construct a Burma Bridge strong enough for the whole group to climb across. The group discusses structural principles. Building materials include big bamboo poles and ropes.

Image by Ian Keefe

Survival Skills

Learn to build a shelter; build a fire and survive in the wild with a range of skills!




Calm the Mind, Stretch the Body!


Relax by releasing mental and physical tension through a variation of simple yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques. 

Colorful Knitted Print

Camp Creative Primary school ages

Get to know your creative side! A session of different arts and craft activities to encourage fun creativity! 


Drumming workshops are high energy, fun and powerful.

The drum masters will engage the group in rhythm. Drums and percussion instruments are provided or you can bring your own. Everyone gets to practice some beginner's rhythms to collaborate in a huge finale. Drumming workshops improve coordination, movement and cooperation focus and listening skills.


Radio Rogaining

Radio Rogaining is an activitiy where particpants race to test their navigational skills and teamwork using UHF radios, a map and a compass. 


Creek Exploration 


Have the opportunity to explore Boulder Creek Rock Pools and the creeks that run through Woondum National Park. Groups will learn about the native wildlife that inhabits the local area as well as learning about the Gold Rush that made Gympie famous and participate in gold panning through the creek bed. 


Mountain Hike

Enjoy a hike up beautiful Boulder Mountain following a track in the Woodum National Park. It is an approximate 1.6km return hike appreciating nature. 



Minute To Win It  


A very fun and entertaining night full of quirky games.

Up to ten teams compete against each other with a range of fun and quirky challenges. Based on an international game show franchise where contestant will use household goods to compete against the other teams. Maranatha style! Lots of fun and VERY LOUD.


Camp Fire Experience  

Gather round the fire once the sun has set and the stars are shining. Learn various techniques to start a campfire, cook damper and make billy tea. 

Hand Drums



Drumming workshops are high energy, fun and powerful.

The drum masters will engage the group in rhythm. Drums and percussion instruments are provided or you can bring your own. Everyone gets to practice some beginner's rhythms to collaborate in a huge finale. Drumming workshops improve coordination, movement and cooperation focus and listening skills.



Get ready to Dance!

A DJ will get your group up and moving with a variety of dancing, music-based games and teamwork whilst listening to all the popular songs! 


Movie Night

BYO Pillow!

Enjoy an old fashion movie night set up for you with popcorn provided! 


Night Adventure

Enjoy a mix of different activities ranging from night games on the oval, a night bush walk, marshmellow roasting, damper making, flint and steel fire lighting and more!


Camp Out 

Sleep under the Stars!

Groups spend the night camping in tents outside by a warm fire.

They are taught basic camping and bushcraft skills.

Find Us


275 Wappa Falls Road - Yandina 4561 - QLD
281 Hill Road - Mothar Mountain 4570 - QLD
115 Kress Road - Tuchekoi 4570 - QLD

 07 5446 7157 

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