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Maranatha Recreation Camp | Sunshine Coast | Tropical Bushland | Nature Conservation


At Maranatha, we believe the key to a great day at camp starts with a full belly and nourished body. We are extremely passionate about providing delicious, wholesome and nutritious food for all our guests. Our fully qualified team of chefs have a wealth of knowledge between them and are highly experienced in working with large groups. We'll always do our best to cater to your every whim.

Espresso coffee's included!
We also believe in the importance of shopping local! Not only does it support local small suppliers,  it always ensures we have freshest meat, eggs and produce. Want to know more?
You can download an example of our menu below.

(Please note that this is a standard 3 Day Camp Menu and it subject to change based on the time of year, dietary requirements, etc.) 

Coffee on Table


Our kitchen team are highly experienced and able to cater for specialty dietary requirements. GF, DF and vegetarian alternatives are available if requested. Any other non-medical diet particulars will need to be provided by the parents/caregivers. 


 Our kitchens have fully accredited Food Safety Plans in place. We provide all of our clients with dietary requirements forms,

however, if you are yet to receive a copy, please download the form below. 


Please note that Maranatha Recreation Centers are ''Nut Aware. Please see the bottom of the page for further details.


While we pride ourselves on our meal options here at Maranatha, we do offer the option for smaller groups to utilise our self-catering kitchens.*  These kitchens feature all the options needed to feed a smaller group of hungry campers and to clean up afterwards. 
Enquire below for more information on
our self-catering options.  

**Please note; all groups utilising our self-catering kitchen require a member of the group to possess a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate or a Chef Qualification.

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Please note that all Maranatha Recreation Centres are

 ''Nut Aware". 


We seek to ensure a safe environment for all attendees to our camps and therefore enforce strict bans in regards to  the use and consumption of products containing nuts. 


We ask that no persons bring products containing nuts or nut by-products on to our premises. However we acknowledge we can never entirely enforce or regulate what attendees bring into our centres, nor where foods contain traces of nut oil. We are continually reviewing our harm reduction strategies when it comes to food allergens and we hope people will assist in working towards minimising the risks and looking at alternatives from nut products.

Find Us


275 Wappa Falls Road - Yandina 4561 - QLD
281 Hill Road - Mothar Mountain 4570 - QLD
115 Kress Road - Tuchekoi 4570 - QLD

 07 5446 7157 

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